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A Workshop with Professor Mick Cooper: Working with Goals in Psychotherapy and Counselling

19/10/2019 10:00
19/10/2019 16:30

This interactive workshop provides participants with an opportunity to develop their understanding of working with goals in counselling and psychotherapy, and to develop their skills in this emerging area.  Although many therapists are reluctant to focus on goals, they provide an opportunity to help clients define, for themselves, what is important to therapy; and evidence suggests that many clients do want to develop them as an orientating-point for therapy. The workshop starts by examining the 'teleological' philosophical principles underlying a goal-orientated approach to therapy--that human beings are 'directional', striving towards things--and goes on to examine what has been learnt from the psychological research about the nature of goals and goal processes (for instance, distinguishing between 'approach' and 'avoidance' goals). It then goes on to a more practical exploration of working with goals, including skills practice and video demonstration.